Renewable Energy

The professional team of Saphire can uniquely judge project development quality based on the experience of the previous successful development of utility-scale renewable projects in several European countries.

Saphire is constantly improving standardized system architecture for alternative energy sources that result in fast and lean planning and implementation cycles. The internalization of all activities in-house enables Saphire more control over quality and velocity.

Saphire’s longstanding cooperation with experienced tier one suppliers has streamlined supply chain and construction. Our strong vendor and manufacturer independence enables our technical template to constantly evolve delivering investment-grade high-efficiency power plants while constantly reducing amount of investment.

Saphire’s hands-on operations and maintenance of operating assets constantly delivers valuable insights into maximizing output and reducing costs.

Saphire is permanently investing significant funds in building a diversified pipeline in alternative energy projects in the CEE region. This segment therefore plays an important role in Saphire’s current strategy. Management believes that renewable energy production typically allows higher returns than a traditional energy business.